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Jeff Taraday

Taraday Consulting

CopyWriter, Marketing & Branding Consultant

For DTC Health and Wellness Brands & Healthcare

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Let's Grow Your Brand...
and Impact Millions

Welcome to Taraday Consulting, where transformative strategies meet profound wellness insights. I'm Jeffrey Taraday, the heart and mind behind this venture, dedicated to steering emerging brands in the wellness and healthcare sectors towards remarkable growth and market presence.

At Taraday Consulting, we don't just consult; we partner with you to co-create success stories. With a rich tapestry of experiences as a Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Director and Personal Nutrition Coach, complemented by a fervent passion for all things health and wellness, I bring a unique blend of creative marketing, strategic branding, and content mastery to the table.

Our journey together is more than a business transaction; it's a collaborative adventure towards achieving excellence. Whether it's refining your brand's voice, enhancing digital engagement, or sculpting a marketing strategy that resonates with your audience, I am here to guide, inspire, and elevate your brand to new heights.

Join me at Taraday Consulting, where your brand's potential is waiting to be unleashed. Let's craft your success story together.

Copywriting Portfolio

Past. Present. Future.

Vegetarian Food
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Glasses of Water

Change Your Food, Change Your Life

The Best Fruits You can Eat to Combat Cancer

How To Activate Your Body's Amazing Healing Power

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Had Enough of Kale? Try These 5 Powerful Leafy Greens Instead

5 Simple Steps to Banish Back Pain Forever

What is Nutritarianism and How Can It Help the Athlete?

Digital Marketing Strategy and Management

Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Online

Digital social media

Full Digital Audit

Do you know all the metrics of your business's online presence? Is your website SEO optimized? Is your social media presence attracting interest and driving clients to your business? Are you actively engaging with leads? Do you have email sequences and funnels automated? There's a lot that goes into marketing your business online, and it may not be something you have time to deal with. I'll perform a deep dive into your online presence and design a proactive and manageable game plan to level up your business with minimal investment.

Social Media Content Creation and Management

Are you leveraging the power of social media to drive awareness of your brand or business? Are you actively engaging with clients? Social media is absolutely the most powerful tool for marketing your business... and it's STILL undervalued.

I'll build you a vibrant and entertaining social media presence on the most relevant accounts for your brand that will attract your target market in unique ways.

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Content Marketing

Outside of social media posts, long form content - blog posts, articles, email sequences etc. - is still absolutely crucial for turning leads into reliable customers. My copywriting experience comes into play here and adds additional value beyond typical internet marketing services.

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Health Coaching Services

If you want to implement healthy changes in your life that will actually last, it's not just about knowing WHAT to do (and that varies anyway, as we are all so different)... it's much more important to know the strategies of HOW to do it so that the changes become iron-clad habits. I've coached over 400 individuals to make lasting changes in their lives using time-tested habit-building principles that actually WORK. I'm passionate about changing lives for the better, and I'd love to help you get to where you want to be.

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Personal Health coaching

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21-Day Lean Plan

Diet Plan

Custom Nutrition Plans

Work With Me One-on-One

This is my bread and butter. We'll set up an introductory 8-session program where I'll build a customized plan for you and guide you though the steps to build powerful lasting habits that will yield life-long results.

Your Go-To Jumpstart Guide

While everyone is different, there are some universal things that just WORK for almost all of us. After my years of coaching hundreds of individuals and companies, I've distilled the most powerful advice into a guidebook to give yourself the jumpstart you need to overcome plateaus and procrastination.

Your Personalized Guidebook

Don't have time for coaching but need some inspiration? Not a problem. We'll conduct a short interview and I'll build a custom plan for you so you can make effective changes on your own time.

Home: Services

First, Jeff Taraday is the most knowledgeable person on nutrition that I’ve ever met, hands down. Second, Jeff has one of the most generous hearts of anyone I’ve worked with. He’s been with Groceryships almost from the beginning; he’s given selflessly, with great generosity of heart and time. I could not recommend him more highly, as both a health coach, and as a team-member as part of any organization.

Jeff Taraday has been invaluable in my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  Our discussions about recipes, cooking techniques, and literature have helped me make sense of the vast information surrounding plant-based eating.  Even more importantly, Jeff has been a consistent source of inspiration and encouragement.  I’m glad to have him as a resource and as a friend.

Sam Polk, Founder of Groceryships and Everytable

Carson Gross

The Plant Eater’s cooking class was a delightful, informative and surprisingly delicious evening.  I went looking for some healthy cooking ideas and was inspired to eat more vegetarian meals.  Have already made two of the recipes, including a “mock tuna salad” that was a hit at my book club (and I hate real tuna salad).  I highly recommend Jeff Taraday for his passionate advocacy that never borders on the fanatical.  The fact that he is incredibly nice, doesn’t hurt either.

What a world Jeff Taraday introduced me to!  After years of struggling with my weight and with diets that left me hungry, Jeff’s delicious recipes were my jumping off point into the world of plant-based, nutrient rich cuisine.  Fewer than two months later, I’ve lost nearly 20 lbs, I feel mentally clearer, and people comment that my skin is glowing.  This, to me, is clearly the way we as a species are supposed to eat, and Jeff has an educated, easygoing way of opening up your eyes to this.  I look forward to more sessions together!




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