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Social Media and Digital Marketing Services

Digital social media

Social Media Content Creation and Management

Are you leveraging the power of social media to drive awareness of your brand or business? Are you actively engaging with clients? Social media is absolutely the most powerful tool for marketing your business... and it's STILL undervalued.

I'll build you a vibrant and entertaining social media presence on the most relevant accounts for your brand that will attract your target market in unique ways.

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Full Digital Audit

Do you know all the metrics of your business's online presence? Is your website SEO optimized? Is your social media presence attracting interest and driving clients to your business? Are you actively engaging with leads? Do you have email sequences and funnels automated? There's a lot that goes into marketing your business online, and it may not be something you have time to deal with. I'll perform a deep dive into your online presence and design a proactive and manageable game plan to level up your business with minimal investment.

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Content Marketing

Outside of social media posts, long form content - blog posts, articles, email sequences etc. - is still absolutely crucial for turning leads into reliable customers. My copywriting experience comes into play here and adds additional value beyond typical internet marketing services.

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